GARDENIA 2022 - autumn edition


GARDENIA Fair will take place at the MTP Poznań Expo, Poland, on November 23-25. This edition will adopt a business form, as a showroom for horticultural contracting. The exhibitors' offers will focus on industry trends and innovations, and visitors will include trade representatives and executives from Poland and abroad.

GARDENIA - Horticultural Business Meeting

The seventeenth edition of GARDENIA is aimed specifically at professionals in the gardening industry who, in an environment of business discussions, will successfully plan the activities of their enterprises in 2024. At this point, more than 200 exhibitors have signed up, and the number is constantly growing. This group of exhibitors includes both industry leaders and new companies that will make their debut at the exhibition in Poznań.

Meaningful business conversations

An important aspect of this year's GARDENIA Fair will be the presence of garden centers, especially those affiliated with the Polish Association of Garden Centers (PSCO) and the DCO Purchasing Group. The fair will also once again host buyers and senior managers from retail chains. At the next edition - just like last year - the fair will host representatives from the largest chains operating in Poland.

Discover Poland's potential!

The meeting of representatives of the gardening industry at the MTP Poznań Expo is an excellent opportunity to enter into business relationships with new suppliers and customers. The group of exhibitors of the GARDENIA Fair includes the leaders of the gardening industry in Poland - a true showcase of the Polish potential!

Ecology is not a trend, it's the new standard

The constantly enriched program of events held at GARDENIA will once again provide a solid portion of industry knowledge, access to practical advice and a source of inspiration – aesthetic and ecological. Highlights for the professional audience will include:

4th edition of the Landscape Arena

Speeches by English top landscape architects: Emma Tipping, Gavin McWilliam, Zoe Claymore or Charlotte Rowe. There will also be speeches by Polish specialists and demonstrations of plant pruning performed by Jan Maruniewicz, Szkółka Byczkowscy and Szkółka Traw Daglezja.

17th edition of Urban Garden Art

Traditionally, the Zieleń Miejska (Urban Art) magazine invites you to an intensive series of lectures by urban greenery experts and activists, who will discuss the topic of "Universe in green." According to the program, topics such as climate challenges, fight against logging and improper care of trees in urbanized areas, safe playgrounds - inspections and their results, experiences related to soil aeration and the role of grass in the decline of our civilization.

Floristic shows

Dozens of masters of floristry from Poland and Europe will present their skills on stage. Shows prepared specifically for this occasion will once again delight a wide audience. The 3 days will be filled with floral compositions in the spirit of ecology and the latest inspirations and trends for the 2024 season.

Additionally, the following events will be held:

  • Conference of the National Association of Garden Creators (Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ogrodów - OSTO)
  • Lectures and demonstrations of the Federation of Polish Arborists (Federacja Arborystów Polskich – FAP)
  • Speakers' Corner - 3 days of talks about garden design and maintenance
  • INSPIRATION ZONES - Christmas and garden arrangements and inspiration in the spirit of ecology


GARDENIA International Fair of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

When: November 23-25, 2023

Where: MTP Poznań Expo, POLAND, pavilions No. 5 and 6 (North Hall entrance from ul. Grunwaldzka)

Opening Hours:

Thursday, Friday
– days for professionals

10:00 AM - 04:00 PM

Saturday –

day for the general public

10:00 AM-03:00 PM



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