Gardenia 2022 - spring edition


In the spring edition, we invite you to the GARDENIA 2022 International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair, which will be held on February 11-13, with the main topic: "Safe recreation in green". This edition will be combined with the Spring Horticulture Market addressed to a wide audience, giving the opportunity to purchase plants, accessories and decorations for the home, garden, balcony or terrace.

We would like to continue the threads started at the GARDENIA 2021 Fair - the fight against urban dullness and concreteosis, promotion of biodiversity both in the home garden and in public space, supporting healthy outdoor activity and modern solutions for economic and ecological maintenance of greenery on a micro and macro scale.

We are preparing the event in particular for:

  • Landscape architects and garden designers
  • Managers of urban green areas and municipal plants
  • Greenery maintenance companies in public and private areas
  • Lovers of greenery in the garden, at home, on the balcony and terrace
  • Producers and distributors of gardening equipment and accessories


We see the power of the horticultural industry's initiative in improving the quality of everyday life of the entire society. During conferences, lectures, workshops and trade fair talks, future large projects are born, influencing the development of environmentally friendly trends. Lowering the temperature in cities, the fight against smog, the accessibility of recreational areas are just the tip of the mountain of challenges that designers, managers of urban greenery and individual gardeners are facing!


What will you be able to see, what will you experience at the spring GARDENIA 2022?

Already in February, we invite you to a 3-day event full of knowledge, inspiration and presentation of global trends. During the 16th edition of the Municipal Garden Art convention, we will again raise the issues of tasks facing designers and managers of greenery in cities, we will give the floor to activists and experts who will present in a factual manner not only the needs, but also those necessary to take up the topics of public space. Like the participants of the final edition of the convention, we feel a lack of knowledge in this area - so we are counting on another extremely inspiring and motivating meeting!

Another important point of the program will be the 3rd edition of the Landscape Arena, which during a two-day series of lectures and shows will again become a space for the exchange of knowledge and improvement in the field of creating green zones, plant care, and an opportunity to discuss the condition of today's garden design. The last edition brought many positive opinions from the speakers and listeners, we still remember the spectacular shows of cutting trees and shrubs, so we are waiting for the continuation of the started threads and other important contexts soon.


In addition, during the February GARDENIA, we propose to see:

  • Zones of knowledge and inspiration
  • Eco-trends in cities and gardens
  • Greenery for health and better life
  • Everything for the garden, balcony, terrace
  • 3rd edition of the Landscape Arena and the 16th City Art of Garden


This will be a strong opening of the spring season with the GARDENIA 2022 Fair!

Pavilions 3, 3A and 4 will again be filled with greenery and top products for gardening. Both industry professionals and garden lovers should book this weekend!

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