17th Urban Garden Art Forum during Gardenia 2023


For the seventeenth time, we are pleased to invite you to the Urban Garden Art Forum, traditionally held at the Gardenia Fair. This time in a different formula of a two-day conference as part of the program of the Congress of Horticultural Industry Leaders. We invite you!

The universe in green - Four elements in urban space



The 17th edition of the Urban Garden Art Forum promises to be lively, absorbing and multi-topic. Where did this idea come from? The answer is more complex.

First of all, for the first time in history, we are organizing the event over two days - on November 23 and 24.

Secondly, our Forum becomes one of the thematic stages of the Congress of Horticultural Industry Leaders, for which Grupa MTP is responsible.

Thirdly, and most importantly, this year's theme is "The Universe in Green". The universe is understood here as the universe. What if the universe consists of four elements? Following this line of reasoning, an idea was born to organize the lectures given by the people we invited in two thematic blocks. So, on the first day of the Forum, we encourage you to participate in the "Fire and Water" session, and on the second day - "Air and Soil". Four elements and urban greenery in their center. This already sounds good!

The issues discussed include: climate challenges, the fight against felling and improper care of trees in urban areas, safe playgrounds - inspections and their results, experiences related to soil aeration and the role of grasses in the decline of our civilization.

We are waiting for you1

Judyta Więcławska managing editor monthly magazine "Zieleń Miejska"

The universe in green
Four elements in urban space

November 23 (Thursday)




Szczecin greenery standards in practice

Marta Safader-Domańska

city gardener, Department of Environmental Protection

Szczecin City Hall


How to avoid accidents on playgrounds?

Dominik Berlinski

international playground inspector RPII, trainer and chief expert of the Playground Inspection Center

Who is to blame when there is an accident on the playground? Case analysis based on 20 years of experience as a court expert and international playground inspector. The presentation is the answer to the question: How to protect children against injury and yourself against civil and criminal liability? We will go through the various stages of a playground's life: design (including the selection of devices and equipment), tender, assembly, acceptance and ongoing maintenance. The aim of the meeting is not to scare you about accidents, but to present a few rules that will help you avoid them.


The climate crisis and the need to change the paradigm of tree protection in urban areas

Andrzej Gąsiorowski

Fota4climate Foundation

The presentation will discuss the current state of legal protection and the approach to the role of trees in urbanized areas on the example of several investments and interventions related to the destruction or removal of trees. In addition, the lecture will focus on discussing the latest research and studies indicating the role of urban trees in reducing the effects of climate change in cities and urbanized areas. The culmination of the speech will be the presentation of de lege ferenda demands for the protection of trees and greenery in urban areas.


Zakrzówek Park – nature, sport and recreation – green transformation of a post-industrial area

Dr. Eng. Piotr Kempf

director of the Municipal Greenery Board in Krakow



November 24 (Friday)




The role of "pests" in the functioning of the city

Mikołaj Siemaszko

A specialist in pollinating insects, an enthusiast of sozology and a social activist


Peace Gardens in France

Dr. Eng. country arch. Aleksandra Gierko

Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology

Since 2018, on the initiative of the art & jardins - Hauts-de-France association, the Peace Garden Trail has been created in northern France and Belgium. The landscape project is carried out in symbolic places of remembrance of World War I. Its aim is not only to remind about the soldiers of various nations taking part in the Great War, but also to express opposition to military activities in the modern world. Designers from countries involved in the fighting are invited to design subsequent gardens, and the projects are selected for implementation in a competition.


Ph.D. engineer Katarzyna Wróblewska, prof. UP

University of Life Sciences in Wroclaw

Polish Association "Green Roofs"


How grasses (as a botanical family) helped us achieve evolutionary success and how they contribute to the decline of our civilization

country arch. Krzysztof Mielicki


Soil aeration with Airspade and other treatments that improve the habitat conditions of trees

Łukasz Pawlik

deputy director for greenery at the Municipal Greenery Board in Krakow


*The organizer reserves the right to change the program. This is constantly updated.

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