Coverage of the grand opening of the Gardenia Fair


The ceremonial opening of the Fair is a permanent point of the program valued by both Exhibitors and Visitors.

Guests were welcomed by the President of MTP Group, Przemysław Trawa, who in a short speech highlighted 3 strongly accented trends in the industry, namely the fact that gardens are becoming increasingly eco and smart, and also pointed out that gardens are increasingly the extension of the living room and increasing weight attaches to their attractive appearance. Ms Aneta Niestrawska, Deputy Governor of Greater Poland and Ms. Vice President of the City of Poznań Katarzyna Kierzek-Koperska, also spoke, who strongly emphasized that Poznań focuses on urban greenery, which definitely builds the city's climate and on which quality depends on the residents.

The ceremony is combined with the awarding of prizes in competitions that distinguish Exhibitors in various areas. In this year's edition, MTP Gold Medal awards were presented, which distinguish innovative products in the industry. Plant producers were also awarded with the Gardenia Grand Prix Awards, Selection of the Competition Jury and the Selection of Internet Users, as well as the Acanthus Aureus awards, which distinguish the most original and creative fair stands. See who won in each category in the gallery.