Gardenia Fair – 18th anniversary: ready for changes!


The 18th edition of the International Gardening and Landscape Architecture Fair GARDENIA 2024 is ahead of us. "Coming of age" is a time of important changes - in the case of Gardenia, there will be many of them. It is undoubtedly worth booking this date in your calendar: October 16-18 will belong to the gardening industry!

The 17-year evolution of the Gardenia Fair will find its mature version this year: not only the date tailored to the industry's request and, at its suggestion, set as early as possible in autumn, but also other aspects: return to pavilions 7, 7A, 8, 8A and 6, relocation on working days (Wednesday-Friday to maximize the participation of the professional audience) and a stronger emphasis than before on attracting visitors from outside Poland.

- The last edition of the Gardenia Fair allowed us to draw many conclusions - we know which direction to reach for the potential for the development of the event and this year we will draw from it in handfuls. We hope that the global situation is stable enough to reopen previously closed solutions and take advantage of opportunities that we have not had before. – says Paulina Maniecka, director of the GARDENIA project. The main goal of this year's edition will be a rich exhibition, focused on diversity and industry news, increasing the competences of people operating in the horticultural industry and focusing on quality, not the number of visitors. The strong point will be the planned inspiration zones and the organization of the exhibition, where a revolution on a breakthrough scale will be carried out.

An important context will be the POLECO Fair taking place almost simultaneously, on October 15-17. It is the largest and most important meeting place for representatives of legislative institutions, local governments and representatives of the world of business, science and education directly related to the environmental protection industry and municipal management. The fair is visited by representatives of enterprises including: municipal management, waste management, energy, heating and water supply, as well as the maintenance of urban green areas.


See you at Gardenia!