Gardenia Gold Medals 2022 awarded!


Today, the Competition Jury selected 10 Winners of the Gold Medal of the MTP Group at the Gardenia 2022 Fair. The winners include innovative products and concepts designed for the growing horticulture industry. Congratulations!

Below are the winning products and innovations that will be on display at this year's Gardenia Fair.

At the same time, we would like to remind you that the Gold Medal - Consumers' Choice voting is underway, during which the audience will choose the most important product or concept of the Gardenia 2022 Fair with their votes.

We invite you to vote!


Winners of the Gold Medal of the MTP Group at Gardenia 2022:

Angelic Spherical Gardens – cultivation geo-domes

CAMY Bogdan Kasperski The Angelic Spherical Gardens create very good conditions for the ecological cultivation of plants under covers. They provide natural lighting from sunrise to sunset. Geo-domes heat up quickly, and the generated inside warm air cushion is easy to adjust manually and automatically. Additional equipment supports the certainty of obtaining good crop. We offer a comprehensive service from defining the needs, through design, production, assembly and training in the garden and online in eco-cultivation of vegetables, herbs and fruits.


RAMBOS broad beans

PlantiCo Hodowla i Nasiennictwo Ogrodnicze Zielonki Sp. z o.o. Early variety (vegetation period from sowing to harvesting approx. 95 days), fertile, suitable for preserving, freezing and direct consumption. Very long, wide, slightly bent pods. The number of seeds in a pod is 3–5 pieces, while the number of fresh seeds in 1 kg is approx. 260. It is distinguished by very large, light green seeds with a bright mark of high quality and taste. The weight of 1,000 fresh seeds often exceeds 4,000 g (depending on agrometeorological conditions).


Mulching foil, biodegradable and compostable in soil

AGRIMPEX Sp. z o.o. Agrimpex biodegradable and soil-composting foil has been inspired by and transferred from the large farm market. The inspiration for the product was soil protection combined with its efficient use for agricultural purposes – now and for future generations. The biodegradable and compostable mulch foil is made of ecovio® and makes an important contribution to sustainability. We must be responsible for the proper use of this foil, avoiding applications that combine mulching with the simultaneous use of substances that are harmful or may have a negative impact on the quality of the soil, e.g. the use of harmful gases or metal-containing compounds. Let's take care of our planet in EVERY FIELD!


IDEAL PRO™ fan rake

Cell-Fast Sp. z o.o. The IDEAL PRO fan rake is perfect for raking leaves, grass and other garden waste on large surfaces. The rake head is ideal for raking, and the unique shape of the teeth reduces their clogging and reduces the risk of breaking them. The aluminium handle, covered with non-slip material, ensures a comfortable position during work, guarantees a firm grip and protects the hands against abrasions. The opening at the end of the handle facilitates storage of the tool.


Rain garden

STYROBUD-GÓRNO Piotr Radomski The rain garden is used to temporarily hold and purify rainwater that runs off the roofs. The rain garden in a vegetable garden is a solution that can be used right next to buildings. Rainwater from the roof, led through the gutter, feeds the rain garden and the plants clean it of heavy metals. Vegetables are boxes made of concrete modules. With a modular structure of vegetable gardens, it is possible to create an installation of any length and width that will stop water at the point of precipitation.


BOLT 3000 D rainwater pack with a pump

MARSEPLAST Sp. z o.o. BOLT 3000 D rainwater pack with a pump is a device for storing and using the collected rainwater. The pack includes: – 3000-litre tank – cover with a water intake point – sieve for cleaning rainwater – hoses and quick-couplings for connecting the pump and the garden hose system – automatic rainwater pump by Gardena. The unique shape of the tank – its low height facilitates assembly work.


Earth pack for blue, pink and white hydrangea

WOKAS SA It is the only product on the market that, apart from its Smart features, has a unique pH value which is 4.3-5.2 for blue hydrangea and 5.5-7.0 for white hydrangea. This precisely maintained pH guarantees blue colouration of blue hydrangea. The effects of using Wokas Smart soil for hydrangea have been confirmed in our own tests and those carried out at the Institute of Horticulture in Skierniewice. In order to meet the expectations of modern consumers and to fit even more into the trend of intelligent solutions, we have created a special Wokas application. It acts as a personal assistant, helping users to care for home plants and enabling them to: create their own plant collections, get support in everyday plant care and learn about dedicated Wokas products. An additional distinguishing feature of WOKAS SMART is the practical and very convenient packaging with a handle.


Honda Miimo HRM3000 Live robotic mower

HONDA Motor Co., Ltd. / Aries Power Equipment A modern mower that meets the needs of the market – equipped with a GPS connectivity and tracking module. This unique system provides a market-leading solution for operating several robots in one loop of the boundary wire. It enables the service technicians to carry out a remote diagnosis and the customer may control the devices from anywhere in the world. With the smooth turning function at the boundary line, the operation is extremely efficient, while the electric adjustment of cutting height maintains the lawn in perfect order. The geofence system allows the customer to assign the work area for the robot. After crossing the border of the area, the robot sends an alert to the mobile application, and the user can track it with the GPS module.


Avant 645i multi-functional device

Avant Tecno Oy / A. SERAFIN-MACHINES SKA The new Avant 645i is the most powerful loader in the world in its weight category. Its innovation is based on maintaining compact dimensions of the 600 series and increasing the power from 26 to 44 hp. Kubota V1505-CR-TE5 diesel engine, Stage V compliant, provides the power and torque required for work that requires high tractive effort and high speed. The maximum hydraulic oil flow is 75 l/min, which is unique for a loader of this size. As a result, the new model can handle more than 200 Avant interchangeable tools.


Seed potatoes - a set for amateur potato cultivation

W. Legutko Przedsiębiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp. z o.o. Seed potatoes are a modern and comprehensive approach to growing healthy potatoes in the garden, on the terrace or on the balcony. The collection of seed potatoes includes everything that customers need to grow potatoes for own needs, including ecological growing bags, a rich assortment of various varieties of seed potatoes and real potato seeds, which will grow into potatoes ready for consumption, just like in standard tuber planting.


Congratulations again! All awarded products will be marked at the Gardenia 2022 exhibition.