Gold Medal MTP Gardenia 2020 awarded


During the GARDENIA fair, in addition to inspirational spaces and show gardens, you will be able to see innovative machines and the latest gardening solutions for the new season. The jury awarded 13 MTP GOLD MEDALS

During the GARDENIA fair, exhibitors will present innovative machines and the latest solutions for the new season, made on the basis of the highest class technologies. The winners of the MTP GOLD MEDAL deserve special attention. The competition awards products that stand out due to their innovativeness and manufactured based on proprietary solutions. Products are evaluated by a group of specialists representing the horticultural industry. In the 2020 edition, the jury awarded 13 MTP GOLD MEDALS


An aluminium car port with a utility room, roofed with photovoltaic panels, is an aesthetic, durable, functional and green solution for your house.

AMBROGIO Next Line 4.0 Elite, THE TICKMANNS Marcin Kleszczewski - applicant, ZUCCHETTI CENTRO SISTEMI SPA - producer

Ambrogio Next Line 4.0 combines flexibility and modularity with cutting-edge technologies. It is equipped with ZCS Connect communication module, which in combination with GPS, Bluetooth and GSM features enables secure communication with the robot at any time and place. It may be combined with Light, Medium, Premium and Extra Premium units, changing its productivity from 1.000 square meters up to 3.500 square meters. The Extra Premium set enables induction charging. Adjusting the knife height, which is now automated, is also easy to operate, which facilitates the use of the robot (4.0 Elite). It is also compatible with voice assistance (SMART ASSISTANT) and AMICO. The advanced technologies applied: SYSTEM KOSZENIA SDM and +INFINITYSYSTEM, make it possible for robots to work in groups on the same area and significantly increase the economy and efficiency of mowing. 6-year warranty included in the price.

ERGO automatic garden hose reel, CELL-FAST Sp. z o.o.

The reel made of top quality plastic, resistant to UV radiation. The centrifugal brake ensures safe reeling speed, and the screw mechanism of the hose guide ensures proper winding and unwinding, preventing tangling and bending. The reel has a rotation lock that prevents damage to the building facade, and a robust wall hanger makes it possible to mount the drum on the wall and to rotate it within the range of 180°.

“Piękny Trawnik” (“Beautiful Lawn”) year-long fertilizing program, BROS Spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością Sp.k. - applicant and producer

A set of 4 modern lawn fertilizers, which provides comprehensive lawn care all year long. Each fertilizer has been properly adapted to grass requirements in individual seasons. The application of the entire program of 4 steps will make the grass look healthy, dense and rich green and will provide it with optimal nutrition at every stage of its growth.

Eko Bomba Ogrodnika (Gardener's Eco Bomb), Przedsiębiorstwo Nasienne TORAF Leszek, Tomasz i Rafał Węgrzynowscy Sp.j.

Become a garden partisan and drop a gardener's bomb, for instance, on your way to work towards an old abandoned building where you can watch the new life flourish. Promotion of the environmental friendly approach and environmental awareness through play. User friendly — you just need to moisten it slightly with water, drop and observe the birth of new plants that will help to eliminate smog and pamper your senses with a range of colours, fragrances and shapes.

IWONA GRILLS, Iwona Pellets Sp. z o.o.

Professional and healthy IWONA GRILLS garden grills fired with natural wood. IWONA GRILLS is a new style of spending leisure time in a wide circle of friends and family.

Kolekcja Papryk Ostrych (Hot Pepper Collection), W. Legutko Przedsiębiorstwo Hodowlano-Nasienne Sp. z o.o.

An exquisite collection of hot peppers hits the spot not only for the fans of spicy food. They will not only emphasise the taste of your meals but will make them healthier. All you have to do is to select from a wide range of seeds a pepper of a spicy level appropriate for you. Grow it in your own garden or in a large container on your balcony and after harvesting, use the fruit in your kitchen: eat it raw, marinate it, use for cooking or dry.

Rhodo Kiss collection, Gospodarstwo Szkółkarskie Anna Ciepłucha-Kowalska

One of the three varieties grown in our nursery from the Rhodo Kiss collection. A resistant variety with exceptionally intense, neon red flowers. It is distinguished by the attractive, dense structure and dark green foliage. It grows moderately - after 10 years it reaches the height of 1.2 m. It blooms unfailingly and in abundance. High frost resistance up to -28°C

Festuca 'Miedzianobrody' PBR, Gospodarstwo Ogrodnicze Krzysztof Słowiński - applicant Szkółka Słowińscy Krzysztof Słowiński - producer

Highly resistant, undemanding, evergreen grass, forming dense tufts. It prefers a site with addition of sand. It tolerates periodic water shortages and temperature drops to -34 C. High (up to 70 cm) copper-coloured flower stems constitute its characteristic feature.

WOKAS SMART garden soil line, WOKAS SA applicant and producer

WOK AS SMART is premium soil intended for versatile use in the cultivation of ornamental plants, herbs, fruit and vegetables. Due to the use of top quality peats, enriched with a long-acting, multi-component fertilizer and control components of natural origin, WOKAS SMART improves physical and chemical properties of soil, by enhancing its structure and providing optimal conditions for plant development.

Flower mixtures

FLOWER MIXTURES is a series perfectly matching the global trend of creating natural gardens. They help to protect natural biodiversity, while constituting an effective element in the garden at the same time. The offer of W. Legutko includes 5 blends of ornamental plant seeds, packed in cardboard boxes. The composition of each bland is carefully selected, and the multitude of species ensures attractiveness and diversity of the arrangement.

Antioxidant seeds series

Seeds Series - Antioxidants: The Antioxidant Series is intended for all those whose priority is taking care of their health. The seeds are selected so as their fruit and vegetables include as much vitamin C, E, A and flavonoids and carotenoids as possible. The antioxidants contained in fruit and vegetables prevent ageing, cancer development, protect the heart, enhance detoxification and regeneration of the body; are one of the most vital components of the anti-cancer diet.