Green celebration in grey times - GARDENIA 2021


On November 4-6, the GARDENIA Fair was held in Poznań, which proved that faith in the power of meetings will survive the most severe crises. The GARDENIA Fair was prepared with a view to establishing, maintaining and intensifying relationships among representatives of the horticultural industry, especially after such a long time. For the fifteenth time GARDENIA has become a meeting place for enthusiasts who prepared for the new gardening season in a positive, inspiring atmosphere, learned about new products and listened to experts in their fields of interest.


We consider the 2022 season to be open

- Autumn is the perfect time to plan spring and the next season - Gardenia exhibitors presented long-awaited plant and equipment novelties as well as innovative technological solutions, which allowed for the establishment of new contracts and important business decisions for the coming months. - emphasizes Paulina Maniecka, project director. During the exhibition, we could see over 100 new products, and 13 products were awarded the Gold Medal of the MTP Group, a prestigious statuette awarded to the most innovative products in the industry. As every year, this time GARDENIA was also full of leaders and top decision-makers in the horticultural sector. - This year's edition focused the most on connecting professionals in the horticulture industry. This group turned out in great numbers and constituted the vast majority of the 10,014 participants. We do not hide that it is extremely satisfying for us, as organizers, because it is the implementation of the most important goal of fair meetings: business relations - explains Paulina Maniecka.


Industry absorbing horticultural knowledge

GARDENIA is a strong and obligatory point in the calendar of the horticultural industry. The fair in Poznań augurs spring, sets trends and connects green enthusiasts from Poland and Europe. This year, GARDENIA was visited by representatives of the industry, including from Ukraine, Russia, Italy, Great Britain, Germany, Romania and Estonia. The fair was also visited by managers and senior managers from chains such as Bricomarche, Leroy Merlin, Obi, Castorama and PSB Mrówka.

The GARDENIA Fair has once again become a space for the exchange of knowledge and experience, a place for drawing inspiration and gaining new, practical skills. All thanks to a series of very interesting conferences, workshops and trainings that diversified the process of visiting the fair exhibition. On the first day of the Fair, the 15th edition of the "Miejska Sztuka Ogrodowa" convention took place. The theme of this year's meeting was: "Rebuild the cities". The conference was very popular due to the rich program of lectures, including speeches by city activists, architects and public space managers such as: Paweł Mrozek, Natalia Madajczyk, prof. related dr hab. Tadeusz Baranowski, Joanna Rayss, Wojciech Januszczyk and a group of experts from the Association of Polish Landscape Architects.

The attendance was also great during the two-day, 2nd edition of the Landscape Arena, which provided not only knowledge in the field of green planning, but also a lot of practical tips for cutting and caring for the most popular shrubs and trees. The speakers included foreign architects: Taina Suonio, Anca Panait, Bernd Franzen or Hexian Jin, as well as Polish experts: Marta Góra, Zuzanna Bartman, Artur and Alicja Maj (Daglezja grass school), Joanna Rayss, Hanna Michalak and students of the Poznań University of Technology as part of the Spring Corner project. Demonstrations of cutting and care were conducted by long-term expert-practitioner Jan Maruniewicz and representatives of the Rosarium rose nursery. Those were extremely inspiring days filled with substantive content!


In opposition to concreteosis: greenery, flowers and plans for spring

This year's Gardenia, on an exceptional November date, stood in green opposition to capricious weather and urban concrete. We dealt with the gray matter both on the merits during the above-mentioned conferences, as well as during numerous lectures and workshops at the stands of exhibitors, including the Federation of Polish Arborists, the Polish Association of Garden Creators and the Faculty of Agriculture, Horticulture and Bioengineering of the University of Life Sciences in Poznań. - As promoters of eco-trends, we recommend that you follow the solutions presented at Gardenia that support the rational use of water in the garden, the development of biodiversity, the use of ecological plant protection products, container gardening, resignation from artificial materials and modern tools, devices and garden machines. - recommends Paulina Maniecka.

We also hosted florists at the Gardenia Fair, including the greatest florists in Poland, who during shows and workshops presented their extraordinary skills to a wide group of interested recipients. Masters, including those perfect in their art: Ewa Bugaj, Maciej Krzus, Piotr Marzec, Katarzyna Greta Szymkowiak, Zygmunt Sieradzan, Tomasz Max Kuczyński, Edyta Zając-Chruściel, Piotr Sekunda, Monika Bębenek and Iza Tkaczyk with the Master Group, performed dozens of compositions, which presented the highest level of floral virtuosity. The works of the masters were displayed in a specially arranged exhibition area, arousing the interest and admiration of the visitors. An important issue raised in the context of floristics is the trend of ecological accessories and agents extending the life of cut plants, as well as a very natural pedigree and appearance of the composition. The authors emphasized the ecological origin of the material used, including the creative use of e.g. dried plants, natural materials such as cotton cords, wood and metal or an ecological floristic sponge. As organizers, we were pleased to see in the course of the shows and the aesthetics of the composition also references to the century of the Poznań International Fair and to the leitmotif of this edition: water.


We are crowning this jubilee with a difficult but also motivating year

Gardenia 2021 was doubly unusual for Międzynarodowe Targi Poznańskie, because we could together - and how beautifully - end the jubilee year! The 15th edition of Gardenia coincided with the centenary of MTP. Gardenia has thus become the only event in the horticultural industry that took place without a year-long break, which we are extremely proud of. - Thank you for creating with us space for relationships - business and interpersonal. We are grateful to the exhibitors, visitors, the media, and the unions

and associations for cooperation in the organization and promotion of the GARDENIA Fair - emphasizes Paulina Maniecka. - It was an honor for us to be the host of such an excellent group. May the stay at the GARDENIA Fair translate into many new contracts for the coming years! - he sums up.

We would like to thank you all together and individually for the fantastic edition of GARDENIA!