Irrigation lectures by Adviser


During the upcoming edition of the Gardenia Fair, we focus on garden innovations, which is why we invited specialists to share knowledge about them. On Thursday and Saturday you will be able to hear a lecture on garden irrigation.

P.H.U. Adviser has been dealing with water technology for over 25 years. They implement investments including water management systems, irrigation, fertigation, climate control. They design and install, provide efficient service, conduct wholesale and retail sales. They share knowledge, train and advise. Especially for visitors to the Gardenia Fair, they will prepare several lectures on irrigation, which will take place on Thursday and Saturday.

Detailed plan below.

Thursday 13.02

12:00 "Climate change as a challenge for the development of irrigation" dr inż. Robert Wójcik

12:30 "Hello! Garden? WiFi technology in irrigation" Bartłomiej Pawlak

Saturday 15.02 

11:00 "How to design irrigation in your own garden?" Mgr inż. Ryszard Łukowicz 1

11:30 "Hello! Garden? WiFi technology in irrigation" Bartłomiej Pawlak