New exhibitor: VERVER EXPORT


Verver Export has an extensive assortment of spring and summer flowering bulbs. Be sure to visit the company stand while attending Gardenia!

Customers throughout Europe use this assortment to create the most beautiful plantings in parks and public green spaces. Verver Export designs, creates and supplies carefully conceived flower bulb concepts, often combined with annual or perennial plants, to enhance public plantings throughout Europe. With an extensive range of spring and summer flowering bulbs and extra attention for quality (large bulbs!), durability and insect friendliness.

Company is specialised in mechanical planting. Planting bulbs with a machine is the perfect way to create colour over a large area. Mechanical planting offers a substantial saving by removing the labour cost for planting the bulbs. It also gives your public green space a quality boost which benefits the environment, the residents and insect life.

We not only supply products, but also advise our customers on technical details regarding soil, climate, preparations and planting. We offer you suitable concepts for your specific planting areas and with the aim of keeping them blooming and looking beautiful for as long as possible.


See you at Gardenia Fair!