See you in November!


Taking into account the opinion of long time exhibitors and new contractors of Gardenia Expo as well as the suggestions of patrons and partners of the event, the subject of this year’s autumn edition will be broadened and the Expo will be happening in November once again. Departure from the tradition that is Gardenia’s February date will be beneficial for all parties involved - last year has shown this perfectly!

The gardening industry is doing well in this extreme environment squeezing out market conditions like the lemon. – The companies in the industry have told us: let’s try it differently! We remain open to new solutions thus we can better achieve our common goal: arrange the meeting between professionals and enthusiasts in the most favorable conditions  – says Paulina Maniecka, the project’s director.


 Business autumn for the whole industry

– We strive for flexibility, because the meaning of our actions is only important when it serves the interest of the industry. If the industry chooses November we are ready to adapt to this suggestion – adds Paulina Maniecka. A lot of companies are making preparations for the next season in autumn, it’s a moment to catch a breath and collecting some thoughts after intense spring and summer seasons. The meeting in November will therefore contain all of the sectors of gardening industry which constitute the core of the business dimension of the Gardenia Fair. The floristic sector will diversify the exhibition offer and program of events this year. The program will also include the conference for architects initially planned for February, the Landscape Arena, and the City Garden Art, a meeting of managers, activists and green designers in public spaces. At the same time we are proposing a number of different lectures and workshops, which will allow professionals not only to learn about market news and trends, but also to improve in many professional areas.

With optimism and good energy

Gardenia Fair connects not only committed partners, but also enthusiasts of the event for whom the superior value is positive relation. We believe that cooperation only brings good decisions and they are followed by great and successful meetings. We are already preparing for intensive and rich in valuable relations event in November this year!


See you in autumn!