The International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair Gardenia has opened the gardening season in Poland for the 14th time.


Event No. 1 in the horticultural industry has been gathering producers and most of the horticultural industry suppliers operating on the Polish market for years and is a place to present new products and innovative solutions for both professionals and garden enthusiasts. Otwórz w Tłumaczu Google Prześlij o

The exhibition located in 6 pavilions was characterized by a wide thematic scope, which has been a huge advantage of this event for years. Exhibitors presented an extremely wide range of new plants, gardening equipment as well as machinery and equipment for professional and amateur use. There were also innovative solutions that will improve work in gardens and allotments, in the field of irrigation and small garden architecture. The Gardenia Fair with 25,331 participants *, a presentation of over 400 exhibitors and dozens of market premieres of dozens of new products, both in the plant and machinery and equipment sectors, sealed its place of one of the key events on the calendar of the gardening industry in Poland.

The exhibitors agreed that Gardenia is a great place to meet specialists in the horticultural industry - landscape architects, producers of plants, gardening machines, irrigation systems and representatives of companies offering elements of small architecture for the garden. Exhibitors also appreciate the date that falls before the start of spring works in gardens and green areas, which definitely favors the presentation of new products for the upcoming season.

Innovations in the garden and climate changes

The leitmotif of this year's edition were "Innovations in the garden". In the search for innovative solutions, it is worth getting acquainted with the winners of the MTP Gold Medal competition, which rewards products that stand out on the market, thanks to their technological, ecological, usable values ​​and setting trends that the industry will follow. In this year's edition 13 products were awarded, among them autonomous mowing robots, plants and seed mixtures, or a grill that emits less harmful substances during combustion. Climate change was another strong topic discussed during the three days of the Fair. A big challenge for today's gardening is imbalance and the occurrence of extreme weather conditions. Rational water management, reduced emissions or energy efficiency of devices are just some of the topics of talks. On the subject of climate change, the 14th Urban Garden Art Forum was held, organized in cooperation with the publisher of "Urban Greenery", which gathered several hundred people during an all-day event divided into two thematic blocks. First Fri "Green for the climate" touched on the problem of climate change. The second segment entitled "Climate for greenery" concerned the creation of urban climate based on the establishment of green areas. design of green areas and urban greenery managers from all over Poland.


Once again, the gardening fair was accompanied by a competition for the GARDENIA Grand Prix, which is addressed to plant producers. The jury awarded four companies: Clematis Żródło Dobrych Pnączy Sp. z o.o. Sp. k., Plantline B.V., Hoogenraad Handelskwekerijen B.V. and Żywotnik Szkółkarski Edward Tuczyński. Alstroemeria Ogrodowa from Clematis Żródło Dobrych Pnączy Sp. z o.o. sp. k.

World famous landscape architecture for the first time in Poland

The 14th edition of Gardenia was unique, as it hosted for the first time an extensive conference for green architects and garden designers entitled Landscape Arena. For the first time in Poland it was possible to meet Chris Beardshaw, Jo Thompson and Tainy Suonio. Author lectures and reviews of the portfolio of Polish designers carried out by invited guests from abroad gathered a record number of architects and garden designers. In addition to lectures, there were demonstrations of cutting and care of roses, ornamental and fruit trees and shrubs, led by leading leaders of Polish nursery.

Visitors from all over Europe

During the three days of the Gardenia Fair, the exhibition was visited by 25,331 participants *. Among the visitors were representatives of garden centers and wholesalers, as well as gardening departments of large retail chains as well as owners and employees of gardening and nursery farms. This year's rich program of events addressed to professionals gathered a record number of garden architects and designers, as well as managers and employees of municipal green boards from all over Poland. As in previous years, we have also invited foreign guests as part of the Hosted Buyers program in the 2020 edition. The largest delegations came from Russia, Estonia and Ukraine, but we hosted a total of several dozen representatives from Romania, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Bulgaria, Lithuania and Tunisia.

Gardening enthusiasts met at Gardenia

As every year, one day of the fair was targeted at a wide audience. The gardening fair and an extremely rich program of events gathered crowds of enthusiasts at the Poznań International Fair. Marek Jezierski shared his knowledge during a live lecture as part of the project "Garden of Dreams created with passion". Witold Czuksanow with the "Family Gardening Workshops" project convinced them to work together in the garden, which are a great idea for spending time with family. Wojciech Wardecki invited to the workshop creating wreaths from succulents. Our content partners Poznań University of Life Sciences, the Federation of Polish Arborists or the Polish Association of Garden Creators have prepared extraordinary zones of inspiration and knowledge that have been teeming with life throughout the three days of the Fair.

We invite you next year

The GARDENIA Fair is an event with an established position on the Polish market and the only event in our country that connects professionals and hobbyists from the horticultural industry. This is an important source of inspiration and knowledge about the latest trends in gardening. Already today we invite you to next year's edition, during which we will once again start the gardening season together. We can already guarantee that exhibitors are preparing an exceptionally rich and diverse offer, and trade associations and associations will support the accompanying events in terms of content.


*statistical data for the block of the International Garden and Landscape Architecture Fair Gardenia, Trade Fair of Regions and Tourist Products Tour Salon and Exhibitions of Impressionist and Post-Impressionist paintings in 3D.