The last day of Gardenia 2020 is ahead of us!


See what we have prepared for you today. Come today to 16. You can buy tickets online or at the ticket office.


Today in the program: ✅Kiermasz Ogrodniczy at Gardenia - we invite everyone to pavilion No. 6✅ Valentine's Floristic Workshops "I love Kutno" organized by the City of Kutno - we invite you to pavilion 8 at 11 ✅Workshops prepared by Wojciech Wardecki - Wojciech will show you how to create wreaths of succulents, we invite you to the conference room in Hall 5 at 11:30 am ✅Family Gardening Workshops - Witold Czuksanow will infect his passion for gardens in Hall 5 at stand 46A ✅Workshops for children run by the Zarośla store - their beautiful green stand you will find in Hall 8✅Workshops "Garden of dreams created with passion" with Marek Jezierski - we invite you to the main stage at Aleja Lipowa ✅Lecture by RosaĆwik about the fact that you do not have to be afraid of roses, you only need to know how to care for them well, the lecture will begin 10 o'clock in Hall 8A on the rose stage lek Preulation Evergreen garden led by Andrzej Zawadzki, who will share the secrets of how to have a green garden throughout the year, we have planned 2 lectures, one will start at 11 and the other at 12, we invite you to pavilion 8A✅ Tomasz Szostak's lecture on the project "Bus through Polish Gardens" will take place at 13 in pavilion 8A pawTips and Workshops led by specialists University of Life Sciences in Poznań - are available in their zone in pavilion 5A

See you there❤️