Welcome to Gardenia: Geysersystem


We are pleased to welcome Geyersystem among the exhibitors of the Gardenia Fair. The company is the official distributor of the Italian brand Stocker - an innovative manufacturer of automatic geyser foggers, irreplaceable devices for combating mosquitoes and ticks and effectively repelling pigeons.

The Stocker company was founded in 1985 and since then it has been continuously developing its offer, constantly introducing new, groundbreaking products to the market. Over these years, it has gained the trust of customers not only in Europe, but also around the world, thanks to its commitment to providing the highest quality solutions and constant attention to the needs and comfort of users.

The beginnings of the Stocker company are modest - founded by Anna Stocker and Josef Mairhofer, it started with the production of professional scissors for gardeners. However, over time, the range expanded to include other gardening tools and accessories, which allowed for market expansion both in Europe and abroad. In the 1990s, Stocker began operating on the Austrian and German markets, gradually conquering subsequent segments of the European market.

In the new millennium, Stocker does not slow down. The development of hobby gardening and the need for specialized tools has led to the introduction of innovative solutions to the market, such as electric pumps and systems for safe potting. In 2015, the company celebrated its 30th anniversary, an opportunity to further highlight Stocker's role as an industry leader.

 Zapraszamy na stoisko firmy w dniach 16-18 października 2024 na Targach Gardenia!