Zarośla at the GARDENIA Fair


Zarośla is a unique plant store in Poznań, which was created out of real passion and the need to provide interesting and healthy potted plants on the market. The creators of this unique place will meet in February during the GARDENIA Fair


Zarośla plant shop created by enthusiasts who want to infect love of plants and share knowledge with everyone who begins their adventure with pots. They combine experience and professional knowledge about pot plants with a passion for creating green arrangements. As a result, their designs are original, often based on proprietary solutions. In the store you will find dozens of different species of high-quality pot plants. They come from domestic and foreign producers. They also offer flower pots, substrates and organic fertilizers of Polish production. By visiting Zarośla store in Poznań, you can take advantage of professional advice when buying plants. They match them to a specific place in an apartment, office or restaurant. Zarośla is not a florist, you will not find cut flowers, if you are looking for interesting houseplants in Poznań - ul. Polna 12 is the right address for you. They also run workshops on planting and caring for various plant groups, creating ecosystems in glass, and more. Offices, cafes and restaurants go green all year round. In the spring and summer they design and implement balcony and terrace plantings.